Filming Has Wrapped on the Borderlands Movie

Borderlands movie

Barring the possibility of reshoots, the Borderlands movie has finished filming.

The film, based on Gearbox’s open-world looter shooter series, started shooting April 1st last year and finished filming yesterday. It stars Cate Blanchett as treasure hunter Lilith, Jamie Lee Curtis as Patricia Tannis and Kevin Hart as Roland, amongst others.

So far we’ve seen relatively little of the movie, apart from a few silhouetted pictures of the stars in costume. Distributors Lionsgate have released a picture of Borderlands’ Claptrap, which you can see below, though it’s not clear whether that’s Claptrap as seen in the movie or just a pre-production model.


Does this mean a full trailer is just around the corner? No. The production company still has to add all the digital effects and so forth, though they’ll probably have enough footage to put out a teaser. We’re hoping the full trailer, when it does emerge, makes a good impression because movies based on video games have been a mixed bunch.

The Borderlands movie is set for release sometime next year.

Borderlands the Movie Claptrap