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Fortnite Sunny's Song

Fortnite’s New Tune ‘Sunny’s Song’ Features a Veteran of Legendary Ska Band Reel Big Fish

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The new Fortnite season began earlier this week and brought with it a surprise: Aliens! But perhaps more importantly, ska revival!

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, Epic Games has created what the young people might describe as a “banger”, in the form of Sunny’s Song. It’s an up-tempo ska track that just makes you want to down your Assault Rifle and skank along using the game’s new emote.


Obviously, the track is brilliant. But who are the rude boys (and rude girl) behind it? Did Epic hire a real band to produce the track? So we asked their press office, and they confirmed that at least one of the musicians involved have a real ska punk pedigree.

“The music is by Rob Burns, Zak Belica, Tommy Jacob, Carlos Ribaux, Matt Appleton, and Nina Li,” Epic told us.

So who are they? Annoyingly, Google isn’t enormously helpful in figuring it out. But we can identify at least a few of them.

We do know that Zac Belica is the Director of Audio at Epic Games, and is clearly a man of good taste.

Carlos Ribaux is a session drummer who has worked on a bunch of TV and music projects – and crucially has a genre-appropriate mohawk. He played drums on the track, and in an Instagram post actually credits someone else completely with writing it – a composer called Collyn McCoy.

The most interesting name on there though, from a ska perspective? Matt Appleton.

Since 2011, Appleton has been a member of legendary ska-punk band Reel Big Fish, and a touring member of Goldfinger. If you’re not a ska-punk aficionado, these names might not mean a lot, but these are a big deal.

Reel Big Fish are perhaps best known for their ska cover of Take On Me.

And until perhaps this very week, Goldfinger is the band responsible for probably the most high profile ska punk song in gaming. Superman was featured on the original soundtrack of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in 1999.

Sadly, we can’t figure out much else about Burns, Jacob and Li. But at least now we can celebrate their work as Sunny’s Song becomes the sound of the summer, and kickstarts the 2021 ska revival. Pick it up!

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