1Seven Games to Play if You Like Life is Strange

This article was first published in October 2020

The Life is Strange series mixes storytelling, gameplay and player choice in an exciting way.

A story-driven adventure that tells stories of friendship, family and love mixed in with the supernatural, each season of Life is Strange so far has made us fall in love with its characters as if they were our own friends.

The focus on storytelling stands out from most games, but it’s not that unusual; there are many other games like Life is Strange out there. Providing you know where to look, of course. If you’re missing spending time with Max and Chloe, or Sean and Daniel, we’ve rounded up some games that capture many of the same feelings.

Of course, no other game is exactly like Life is Strange, but we’ve chosen other titles with a similar emphasis on narrative and characterisation. And since Life is Strange leans into the supernatural, we’ve also thrown in a couple more supernatural stories for good measure.

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