2Tell Me Why

Available on PC and Xbox One

You’ll be hard-pushed to find another game quite so like Life is Strange as Tell Me Why. Why? Well, it’s developed by Dontnod Entertainment, the team behind Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2. Not only does it tell its story in a very similar way, allowing the player to make choices, it also dabbles slightly with supernatural themes. It’s also episodic, with its narrative running over three episodes, each lasting around two hours.

In Tell Me Why you play as twins Alyson and Tyler, both returning to their childhood home after 10 years away. It’s also the first time they’ve seen each other in as long; not only do they need to adjust to being back in their hometown, they need to get used to being in each other’s company again. Over the course of the three episodes, you’ll learn more about the pair, and uncover the tragic and mysterious events that transpired 10 years ago.

Without a doubt, Tell Me Why is one of the best games like Life is Strange – and not just because they share a developer. This is an excellent game in its own right, and it deserves to be played.

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