Get Ready For E3 2021 By Revisiting These Glorious E3 Abridged Videos

With E3 a purely online event this year, we’ll miss the huge stages and larger-than-life presentations of the physical show.

That’s not because we particularly liked them, but for a good few years we had the joy of watching writer and comedian Matt Lees mercilessly skewer them with his “abridged” videos.

Lees no longer makes these videos but even now, years later, they’re ridiculously entertaining and skewer the sheer hype that used to surround the show. Lees originally created them for but later took them to his YouTube channel.

He went on mock not only E3 but other long-form conference events and also produced an eerily prophetic video that, ahead of E3 2015, pretty much nailed the show. There’s so, so much to love about these (non work-safe) videos’ mockery, though our absolute favourite has to be the time he described EA’s Andrew Wilson as “a fist bump in human form”.

So, with E3 2021 just days away (check out our take on the schedule), there’s no better time to revisit these videos. They’re all helpfully grouped into this YouTube playlist, but we’ll start you off with Matt Lees’ take on Xbox’s 2014 showing. You get bonus points for spotting the games that didn’t make it to release. Enjoy.