2Guts and Glory

Guts and Glory 1

Perhaps the maddest game on this list, Guts and Glory challenges you to negotiate fiendish courses without getting yourself killed.

There are circular saws attached to chairs, landmines, canons, logs laced with spikes and more, all out to end your day early. And only with persistence and skill will you manage to reach the end of each course without sustaining a major injury. But then that’s not fun.

Failing in Guts and Glory is often more entertaining than being victorious. Being hit with a canon will result in your character exploding into little bits, while being caught with a circular saw will see you lose a limb or two. In either case there’ll also be buckets of blood, and you can even change a setting in the game’s menus to make everything even more gory.

If you like blood and guts, Guts and Glory definitely doesn’t disappoint.