Here’s What You’ll Get From Ghostrunner’s Next-Gen Upgrade

Ghostrunner (1)

Ghostrunner’s next-gen upgrade is on the way and we’ve got a better idea of what it’ll deliver.

Ghostrunner, which contains running but no actual ghosts, has you parkouring round a cyberpunk city, slashing up enemies in the blink of an eye. Calling it “The bastard child of Hotline Miami and Mirror’s Edge”, we awarded it an outstanding 9 out of 10. And now, we know more about what the next-gen version of Ghostrunner will bring.

Firstly, it will include all modes that were added to the original release, including the time attack style Kill Run Mode and also Photo Mode. Wave Mode and more Assist Mode, the latter of which is designed to make Ghostrunner more accessible, will also be arriving this Summer and should make it into the next-gen release.


On top of that, Ghostrunner will sport haptic feedback on the PS5, thanks to the DualSense controller. And, according to developers One More Level, it’ll sport 4K/120 FPS and instant loading. We suspect the former means that you’ll have the choice of running it at 4K or at 120FPS, but we’ll let you know for certain when we get our hands on the upgrade. There’ll also be a wealth of graphical tweaks designed to make the game look its absolute best, including a ray-tracing enhanced mode.

You’ll have to wait a little while for the next-gen version of Ghostrunner, which is arriving on Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 this September 28th, both digitally and as a physical release. There’ll be a free upgrade for anyone who has the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 version.

Still no real ghosts, though.