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House Flipper Luxury

House Flipper’s New Luxury DLC Arrives Later This Year

House Flipper is getting a new piece of DLC this year, letting you “flip” mansions and more.

The appropriately named “Luxury” DLC has been in the works for a while but now the release has been nailed down to the fourth quarter of this year. Instead of just cleaning up regular houses, the DLC will let you handle mansions, the sort of opulent luxury palaces most people (in real life) never have a hope in hell of owning.

Sadly, there’s no mention of the DLC letting you leave an open can of pilchards beneath the floorboards, or a “special surprise” in their toilet cistern. You also probably can’t purchase a horrifying murder house and sell it to some unsuspecting billionaire. But you will be able to install swimming pools, ludicrously elaborate staircases and so forth and, if you choose not to sell, enjoy your definitely-not-haunted virtual mansion.

House Flipper’s Luxury DLC will, naturally, require the full game. There’s no word as to whether it’ll arrive on all platforms simultaneously or if it’ll land on PC then get filtered onto Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and so forth, we suspect the latter.

You can check out the trailer above and wishlist House Flipper’s Luxury DLC on Steam.

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