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Scarlet Nexus

How to Save Your Game in Scarlet Nexus

If you’ve just started playing Scarlet Nexus, you might be wondering how you save your game.

Just like all RPGs, chances are you aren’t going to beat Scarlet Nexus in just one sitting; you’re going to want to save your game so you can turn it off at some point and then resume later.

Thankfully Scarlet Nexus keeps the process fairly simple, featuring both an autosave and manual save system. Your progress is automatically recorded upon certain events, ensuring that if something bad does happen such as a crash or power outage, you shouldn’t lose much progress. If you want to turn the game off safe in the knowledge that you haven’t lost any progress, however, then you’re best performing a manual save.

Unfortunately you can’t save just anywhere. Instead, you need to keep an eye out for a yellow man who’s always accompanied by a yellow trolley. Interact with the man and he’ll allow you to save your game; multiple slots are available. Interact with the trolley, and you can buy, sell and exchange items.

You’ll usually encounter the yellow man a few times in each area, allowing you to save your progress fairly regularly.

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