Marvel’s Avengers Gets the Cosmic Cube… and Exposes Your IP Address

Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix has introduced a new, earth-shattering threat to Marvel’s Avengers – the Cosmic Cube.

At least, that’s what we were going to talk about when Square Enix’s latest press release arrived in our mailbox. We’ve found the Cosmic Cube to be more interesting than the Infinity Stones, particularly since the Cube gained sentience and spawned a Hydra-loving Steve Rogers.

We were going to explain how Marvel Avengers’ new update, available now, sees you battle against AIM’s Scientist Supreme, Monica Rappaccini, in a mission titled “Beating the Odds”. We were also going to mention that there’s a new Cosmic Threat Event running from tomorrow until July 8th, which will reward you with new gear.


But then something so amazing happened, something so ridiculous you couldn’t possibly make it up. The new update, all about an evil scientist, reveals PlayStation 5 players’ IP addresses. It’s not clear why this has happened but now, when you’re playing Marvel’s Avengers on a PS5, your IP is displayed towards the bottom of the screen.

That means that, if you’re streaming or have uploaded recorded gameplay, your IP address (the internet address assigned to your device) is on display. Depending on your IP provider and setup, your IP address may change each time you logon. But if your IP is static, having that information out there could let people target you with digital attacks.

Square Enix hasn’t explained the blunder but they have advised they’re working on a hotfix (the bug has only been reported so far on the PS5), which is set to be released at 8AM PT. But, until then, if you’re playing Marvel’s Avengers, you should hold off on streaming it, unless you want AIM on your tail.