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Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s New Patch Will Crush Your Scrooge McDuck Dreams

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s latest patch is here and it’ll deprive you of the chance to be an intergalactic zillionaire.

Sure, there are plenty of that have been sorted by the patch including:

  • Problems with unlocking the “paramours” achivement.
  • Your character not being able to reach their max level.
  • A character’s eyes being unusually red at the end of the Overlord mission (we were sure this was an intentional change).
  • Wireless headsets causing problems with the Xbox version of the game.

A full list of changes can be found here, if you’re curious as to what else has been fixed. But the real revelation is that, post patch, a cap has been placed on how much money you can bring across from the original Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2.

Yes, Bioware and EA have cruelly crushed our dreams of leaping into a big vault full of credit chips, swimming around like a space-faring Scrooge McDuck. In the name of “balanced early-game progression”, you can only import 100,000K from the original Mass Effect. It doesn’t matter how hard you worked, how many people you shot in the face, your fortune has been severely reduced. What next? Taxes? Having to pay our crew an actual living wage?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s latest patch is available across all platforms and, in most cases, should auto download. We hope you’re happy, Bioware.

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