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People Are Using the Xbox Design Lab to Make Old School 360-Style Controllers

Xbox One Controller

Does the merest sight of the original Xbox 360 controller fill you with nostalgic longing? Then the Xbox Design Lab has you what you want.

Or, rather, it will have it if you so desire. Because people are using Xbox Design Lab, Microsoft’s controller customisation platform, to create their own old-school white Xbox controllers that resemble the original Xbox 360 ones. And, yes, we do mean white; it’s easy to forget that, prior to the familiar black Xbox 360 S and Xbox 360 E, the original Xbox 360 was a chunky, pale console.

We don’t have fond memories of it ourselves, having dealt with the Red Ring of Death a little too much. But plenty of people do remember it with fondness and so are leaping at the chance to own a customised controller that’s near identical to the original Xbox 360’s.

Twitter user James Shields posted his own template for getting an old-school style controller (though several have followed suit since). Go to the Xbox Design Lab and choose the following settings:

Body: Robot White
Back: Ash Grey
Bumpers: Robot White
Triggers: Robot White
D-pad: Ash Grey
Thumbsticks: Storm Grey
ABXYP: Black on Colours
View, Menu, Share: Grey on White

You’ll then have a controller design that, while missing the metal Xbox symbol, is as close as you’re going to get to the original thing. Sure, you could buy one second hand but, even if it’s not disgustingly sun-yellowed, it won’t work on the Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X.

Now all that’s left is to order it and wallow in nostalgia.

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