Next Year, Planet of Lana Is Set to Take You to Another World

Planet of Lana

Revealed at Summer Game Fest, Planet of Lana will challenge you to rescue your sister from a pretty but perilous alien planet.

“Into every life, horrifying alien entities must fall.” Okay, that’s not exactly what The Ink Spots said, but Lana and her animal companion Mui’s lives are turned upside down when some otherworldly visitors arrive. Lana’s sister is kidnapped and she has to rescue her from an entirely alien planet. What could go wrong?

Planet of Lana does, at least, look more forgiving than Another World, the game it most reminds us of. You probably won’t be killed by murderslugs moments after you arrive though the trailer does feature a particularly imposing beast. But this 2D platformer will see you roaming around the world, leaping, clambering and doing whatever it takes to get Lana’s sister back.


The game certainly looks good, though it’s early days for Planet Lana. Developers Wishfully Studios plan to have it running at 60FPS in 4K on the Xbox Series S/X, compared to a lot of other games which make you choose between 4K or 60FPS. That said, as gorgeous as Planet of Lana looks, it doesn’t seem to be throwing around a lot of characters so we can well believe it’ll accomplish that.

Planet of Lana doesn’t have a concrete release date but will arrive some time in late 2022, landing on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

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