Post-Apocalyptic Strategy Frostpunk is Free on Epic Games Store

Ever wanted to run a create a city fuelled entirely by children’s tears? Frostpunk doesn’t quite let you go that far but it comes damn close, and now it’s free.

Frostpunk is a post-apocalyptic strategy set in a Snowpiercer-style world where you and you alone are stopping a small group of survivors from freezing to death. You have to manage a city, keeping the generators running and deciding how far you’re willing to go to keep people “safe”. Child labour is just the tip of the iceberg.

We awarded Frostpunk an excellent 8 out of 10, calling it, “A wonderful winterland filled with tough choices.” And now, thanks to the Epic Game Store, you can get it absolutely free. Granted, it doesn’t come with the associated DLC, but you really can’t go wrong when this is available for the princely sum of zero pounds and zero pence.

There’s another “mystery game” waiting in the wings but for now it’s Frostpunk that’s the freebie. You do need an Epic Games Store account, or to create one free, but if you do you can grab Frostpunk any time  from now until June 10th.