Riders Republic is Coming to PC and Console on 2nd September

Riders Republic

During Ubisoft Forward, we got another look at the upcoming Riders Republic, and got an all-important release date.

First scheduled to release earlier this year, the ultimate extreme sport simulator is now coming to PC and consoles on 2nd September. Riders Republic will be available on PC, Stadia PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. And, going on the new trailer, it looks better than ever.

Riders Republic features a myriad of sports; there’s snowboarding, extreme mountain biking, wing-gliding and more, all through beautiful and awe-inspiring environments. You don’t have to stick to one sport – you can jump in and out of whichever activities you feel like.

Exploring the world is just as important as taking part too, as you’ll have landmarks to find and plenty to just soak in and enjoy. Taking part in sports will earn you stars, and earning those stars is your key to progression, whichever sport you feel like taking part in.

This isn’t quite your serious sports simulator; mass races see people dressed in silly costumes and competitive multiplayer means there’s always a challenge at hand. Jetpacks strapped to your back mean it isn’t completely realistic, either – but turns up the fun.

Give the trailer a watch below. We’ll have more on Riders Republic as its 2nd September release date comes closer.

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