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Metroid Dread

Samus is Back in Metroid Dread, Coming to Switch This October

Samus Aran is back! But her new outing, Metroid Dread, might not be what you were expecting.

Metroid Prime 4 has been in development for some time, with the project having been restarted at least once and we’ve heard next to nothing about it recently. So some Metroid fans were expecting Nintendo to put out a big Prime reveal.

Instead, at yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, the company revealed Metroid Dread, a new 2D Metroid game coming to the Nintendo Switch. But, while it may not have been what fans were expecting, it looks like it could be fun, particular when you factor in the game of cat and mouse it apparently has going on.

Co-created by Nintendo and MercurySteam (who worked on 2017’s Metroid: Samus Returns) the trailer and Nintendo Treehouse footage show Samus doing her usual badass, bad-guy blasting thing. But she’s not at the top of the bounty hunting food chain this time – she’s periodically pursued by E.M.M.I. a robot who’s immune to her attacks.

No doubt there’ll be a point where Samus acquires a weapon that can take it down but between killing monsters and roaming around, she has to elude E.M.M.I., either by running, hiding or so forth. We’re not clear whether E.M.M.I. is one robot that gets upgraded or several robots but it looks to be a formidable opponent.

Metroid Dread is set to land on the Nintendo Switch this October 8th, with a special edition of the game available.


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