This Week, Hitman 3 Will Let You Explore Sapienza For Free

Fancy a free trip to Italy? Thanks to Hitman 3, you can get a virtual vacation all this week.

Granted, you might have to murder a few people to justify your expenses but just by downloading the free trial version of Hitman 3 (or owning the full version) you can download and play one of the original Hitman’s standout levels.

Sapienza is the original Hitman’s second level and it’s where that title really comes into its own. Sure, the Paris level is impressive but Sapienza is a huge, sprawling location covering an entire coastal town. You can wander into an ice-cream shop, sneak into a mansion, throw someone over their balcony, the list goes on.


Even better, and this is clearly no co-incidence, Sapienza is where Hitman 3’s next Elusive Target, “The Twin” will turn up. Elusive Targets aren’t nice people, like most of the series’ victims. But the difference here is that if you fail the mission you don’t get a second shot. You can restart the mission if you want, but once you’ve been gunned down or messed up in some other mission-ending way the Elusive Target is greyed out and that’s it.

Between this and the many daft shenanigans you can get up to it may well be time to pack your bags. Hitman 3 is available on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Google Stadia. Sapienza is free from now until July 4th.