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Silent Hill Merchandise is Coming to Konami’s Official Shop

Silent Hill 2 Skateboard

Silent Hill merchandise is coming to Konami’s official shop including.. wait for it.. official Silent Hill 2 skateboards!

No, we have absolutely no idea how Konami came to the conclusion that what Silent Hill fans have been craving was official skateboards, adorned with an image of Silent Hill 2’s bobble-headed nurses.

However, while the skateboards were the only merchandise featured in Konami’s tweet, the good news is that a newsletter has gone out which features a more even look at the upcoming survival horror goodies. There’ll be t-shirts, baseball caps and even cushions though we’re still holding out for an official Silent Hill 2 pillowcase.

Konami recently relaunched their store, after it was dormant for several years. There’s no word as to whether the shop will feature soundtracks from the game; you can buy them from eBay but, until you get your hands on them it’s hard to tell if they’re pirate or not.

Konami will start taking pre-orders this June 23rd at 4AM PST (the shop does ship internationally) so you’ll need to be on the ball if you want to nab one of those skateboards. You can find the Official Konami Shop here.

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