The Waylanders Final Release Has Been Delayed Until Autumn

Celtic-themed RPG The Waylanders has been delayed until Autumn this year.

The game is currently in Steam Early Access on PC and was due to receive its final release this summer. Developer (and publisher) Gato Salvaje Studio explained in their latest update that this was due largely to the current Coronavirus pandemic which has, in particular, made working with voice-actors hard.

We took a look at The Waylanders last year, diving into its Early Access incarnation. We found it rough going, even for an Early Access title but we’re hoping that, nearly a year later, it’s improved enough to be worth hacking and slashing your way through. That said, Steam reviews are currently “mixed”, so the delay might be just what The Waylanders needs.

There’s no set release date, other than Fall, but the road map does mention a romance system will be coming, which should be interesting to say the least. If you do feel like taking the plunge, The Waylanders is currently 20% off on Steam.