There’ll Be No Saints Row, Dead Island 2, Metro or TimeSplitters at E3

Koch Media

Deep Silver have revealed Saints Row, Dead Island 2, Metro and Timesplitters won’t be featured during Koch Media’s Friday presentation.

Koch Media are Deep Silver’s parent company and announced that as part of Summer Game Fest/E3 2021, they’ll be putting on a presentation. Dubbed Koch Primetime, you can expect the online event to unveiling several new upcoming titles. However, it won’t be giving a look at at new Saints Row game, which is what we we really hoping for.

We were hoping for a Saints Row V announcement in 2021, but nothing materialised; it’s been eight years since Saints Row IV came out and we’re dying for a sequel or a reboot. However, as confirmed by a Tweet from Deep Silver, who developed the Saints Row: The Third remaster, nothing will be shown at Koch Primetime or, indeed the whole of E3 or Summer Game Fest. They’ve previously said a new Saints Row game was in development but we’ve heard nothing since.

Deep Silver have also advised that Metro, Timesplitters and Dead Island 2 won’t feature, either. The latter has its fair share of development problems, having changed developers twice and we’re starting to suspect it may never see the day of light. So, while there’ll be plenty of new titles announced this week and nextr, the Third Streets Saints definitely won’t be representing.

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