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Warioware get it together (1)

There’s a New WarioWare Game on the Way

During Nintendo Direct, a new Wario game has been announced. Finally!

Remember WarioWare on the Wii? We do. And we miss it practically every day. Well, our time of mourning is soon to be over, as a new game in the series is set to release on Switch.

It’s called WarioWare: Get it Together! and it’s set to release on Switch on 10th September.

If you’ve previously played a WarioWare game you’ll know what to expect: a series of crazy minigames – or “microgames” as it calls them – completing small but crazy tasks as fast as you can. The goal is always to have fun, and previously, the series has delivered in droves.

Two people can play together at the same time, co-operating to complete each minigame. We can’t wait to pull this out at a party.

Give the trailer a watch below. We’ll have more on WarioWare: Get it Together! closer to its release.

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