What Difficulty Should You Play Green Hell On?

Out now on consoles, Green Hell is a horror-tinged survival game that sets you deep in a tropical jungle. It’s tough, but what difficulty should you play the game on?

Green Hell has several difficulty options to choose from when starting the game. What you choose will depend on a couple of things: if you’ve played the game before, and if you’re experienced with survival games in general. We’ll discuss each of Green Hell‘s difficulty option here, and who they’re best suited to.

Along with four preset difficulty options, the game also lets you customise practically every element of the game, but more on that shortly. First, here are the five difficulty options you can choose from:

  • A Walk in the Park

    This is the second-easiest mode available, and is aimed at people new to the game and new to survival games in general. Here, you have no sanity meter, no hospital tribes and no predators. You nutrients deplete slower, too, so you don’t need food and water as often. You can still find yourself in danger if you walk into it, however.

  • Welcome to the Jungle

    This is the normal/balanced difficulty option, which is suitable for most average players. Sanity, hostile tribes and predators are all turned on, and your nutrients will deplete at a normal speed.

  • King of the Jungle

    This is essentially ‘hard’ mode. Enemies are more hostile, and the penalties to your sanity are increased. Your nutrients will also deplete faster.

  • Green Hell

    This is the game’s hardest difficulty, it’s basically ‘extreme’ mode. Everything is the same as King of the Jungle, but turned up to 11. Don’t try this difficulty mode unless you’re already familiar with the game and wanting a huge challenge.

  • Tourist

    This is Green Hell‘s easiest difficulty. It’s very similar to A Walk in the Park, but there’s no hostile attacks or no dangerous animals whatsoever. We wouldn’t recommend this mode; Green Hell is designed to have some peril, but if you’re brand new to survival games or just want to experience the crafting/exploration elements, then this is for you.

If you’d rather tailor your difficulty preferences even more, you can customise practically everything by choosing a custom difficulty. You can tailor combat difficulty, the speed at which your nutrients deplete, toggle on permadeath, choose how hazards affect you, and more.

Does difficulty affect Green Hell‘s trophies/achievements?

There are only two difficulty-related trophy/achievements for Green Hell. One requires you to finish the game on Green Hell difficulty (good luck!) and the other requires you to survive for 10 days on King of the Jungle difficulty or higher without killing any humans, animals, destroying bee nests or interacting with traps.

Every other trophy/achievement can be unlocked regardless of what difficulty you’re playing on.

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