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NBA 2K22

2K Games Have Revealed What’s New In NBA 2K22

With NBA 2K22 less than two months away, 2K Games have revealed some of the basketball game’s new features.

NBA 2K22 is the latest iteration in 2K’s series, and will, we’re pleased to report, not feature any kind of Space Jam pre-order bonus. However, what you will be getting is a handful of new and improved features. 2K promise another information drop in August but, here’s what they’ve revealed so far:

  • Better controls – You’ll have even more precise control of your player, making it even harder to blame your losses on your joypad.
  • Seasons – The will be seasons of additional content though, whether this will be paid content or not isn’t clear.
  • MyTEAM – Tied into the NBA 2K22’s seasons, the MyTEAM system has been tweaked. Bear in mind that MyTEAM is the NBA equivalent of FIFA Ultimate Team whi could see you spending real world money on the game.
  • New City – “The biggest online basketball community is getting a makeover”, 2K explains. However, there is a catch – this requires you to have a PC, Playstation 5 or Xbox Series S/X. We’re curious to see how this’ll work out on PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.
  • New Neighborhood – The game will feature a new neighbourhood build on the deck of a cruise ship. That really makes us want a mini-game where you see a giant squid off by throwing basketballs at it but we’re not confident we’ll get that.
  • MyCAREER – Another next-gen feature, the city and career modes have been blended into a single narrative.

In short, it sounds like NBA2K22 is getting a boost but whether it’ll justify playing the game on a next-gen platform remains to be seen. When we reviewed NBA2K21 we were disappointed by how little had changed since the previous version.

NBA2K22 is set for a September 10th release on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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