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Arcade Action Wrestling

Action Arcade Wrestling Brings The Pain to Consoles This August

Action Arcade Wrestling, which first debuted on PC, is landing on consoles this August.

That said, the fact that it’s arriving August 10th, the same day as Lawn Mowing Simulator is faintly worrying. The latter has already led us to question the nature of reality and if AAW’s shenanigans involve smacking someone in the face with Flymo we’ll be really confused.

Fortunately, it looks like steel chairs are more the order of the day. Like Retromania Wrestling before it, Action Arcade Wrestling emulates the arcade-style wrestling games of the 90s. It sports thirty stock wrestlers though you should be able to create your own WWE approximations if you don’t mind Vince McMahon kicking your door in.

As if the title wasn’t a clue, the fact you can literally vomit on your opponent shows AAW isn’t going for realism though it seems to stop just short of WWE Wrestlemania which had more in common with Street Fighter 2 than a proper wrestling game. With 25 different match types, AAW should find a solid audience; it’s PC incarnation has been relatively well received.

Action Arcade Wrestling is set for a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release this August 10th, with a Nintendo Switch version following later.

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