Just who doesn’t like dinosaurs?

They may be extinct, but prehistoric creatures still live on in our minds. Many of us are fascinated about the majestic beasts that roamed the lands millions of years ago, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise really. They came in all shapes and sizes, were both ferocious and docile, and more importantly than anything, they were mysterious.

We think we know a lot about about dinosaurs, but in reality we probably know little. That’s what makes them exciting though, and it also allows for them to be easily used for entertainment purposes. If you’re a gamer for example, you might love games that include dinosaurs. If that’s the case, cast your eyes over our list of the best dinosaur games you can play right now. Okay, so it’s pretty much a list of all the dinosaur games that are currently available, but they do all have something good to offer in their own way.

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