1Get lost in these brilliant JRPGs, all available on PC

Dragon Quest XI-min

Japanese RPGs have a certain charm about them.

At one point, JRPGs were hard to come by on PC. Series such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest were pretty much exclusive to consoles, leaving PC gamers twiddling their thumbs if they wanted to save the world. Now, however, many JRPGs make their way to PC as well as consoles. But what are the best JRPGs available on PC?

That’s something we can hopefully help you with. We’ve played plenty of JRPGs in our time, and many of them are available on PC. Or at least now, anyway. So, if you want to journey with interesting companions into a colourful world in order to save it from some ancient evil or a catastrophic event, give these a try. Each and every one of these games is great, and will quickly eat up tens of hours of your time.

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