2Marvel’s Spider-Man


A PS4 exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man gives gamers the chance to do whatever a spider-man can. Superhero games don’t come much better than this. You’ll swing from web to web in a detailed and vibrant recreation of New York City. As you engage in a well-written narrative, you’ll complete numerous quests and fight the likes of Rhino, Doc Ock and the mysterious Mr Negative.

It has a great combat system, an exciting plot and memorable characters. But what developer Insomniac really nailed is the web swinging. There are very few games that make simply getting around quite so much fun; but in Spider-Man, it’s a real joy. Going from one mission to another is fluid and acrobatic, and it’s these moments that you really do feel like a superhero.

And if one dose of Spider-Man simply isn’t enough for you, you can dive into the standalone expansion, Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Is it better than Spider-Man? It’s hard to say – but it’s certainly just as much fun.

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