4State of Decay 2


This game is Xbox One X enhanced

In the world of State of Decay 2, zombies are very dangerous indeed. Attract too much attention and you might just find yourself swamped. What makes every action you take fraught with peril, however, is that if your character dies, there’s no bringing them back. They’re gone. You have to carry on your journey with one of the other characters in your group.

When it launched, State of Decay 2 was rather buggy. It’s been patched a lot since though, and more content has been added, now making it one of the best zombie games on Xbox One. If you’d like to see how you’d get on in a zombie apocalypse, you’ll absolutely love it. It requires you to build up your camp, find supplies, search for other survivors and manage your group effectively. It’s basically the best unofficial The Walking Dead video game there is.

It’s a little unpolished, sure, but as zombie games go, State of Decay 2 is up there with the best of them. And it’s an Xbox One console exclusive.

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