3The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II

Arguably one of the best games ever released on a PlayStation console, The Last of Us takes a much more grounded and somewhat realistic approach to the zombie apocalypse. It’s set in the near future where a virus known as cordyceps has claimed the lives of a large amount of the population, turning people into flesh-hungry monsters. We’d recommend playing the first game before diving into The Last of Us Part II, but you’re in for two of the best zombie games on PS4 – and best game experience of all time.

The Last of Us Part II puts you in control of Ellie, now older and more hardy than the young girl she was in the first game. She’s out on a mission of revenge, so expect a lot of blood and guts to go flying. The game is equal parts storytelling, stealth and action, with heart-wrenching scenes woven perfectly between tense moments of sneaking and violent, bloody combat. If you own a PlayStation 4 and somehow haven’t played The Last of Us Part II yet, this is the one zombie game that definitely needs to make it into your collection.

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