Dark Souls III is the Latest Title to Get Xbox FPS Boost

Dark Souls III is the latest game to join the list of Xbox’s FPS Boost-enabled games.

That won’t mean an awful lot if you’re playing Dark Souls III, the final entry in From Software’s soul-crushingly tough trilogy, on the Xbox One or Xbox One X. But if you’re tackling it on the Xbox, FPS Boost now means the game can run at 60FPS. So you might be dying horribly, gripping your controller in frustration, but your trials will never have looked better.

What’s curious about Dark Souls III is that, while it’s just one of many FPS Boost-enabled titles, the Boost team had to employ a brand new technique in order to get it up to 60FPS. Xbox Program Manager Jason Ronald also thanked developer From Software and publisher Bandai Namco for their assistance in getting the title to work with FPS Boost.

So what’s next? We’d love to see Fallout New Vegas get the FPS Boost treatment. We’ve been craving a proper remaster for a long time now but, in its absence, getting the game running at a buttery-smooth 60FPS could be the next best thing. And since Microsoft now own Bethesda, it’s not like they have far to look for assistance.