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Dead Space Is Back With a Monster-Dismembering Remake

Dead Space Remake

Dead Space is back! As announced at EA Play last night, the first game in the survival horror series is getting a remake.

Does this mean that Electronic Arts have got the gang back together, that after purchasing Dead Space developers Visceral Games and shuttering them they’ve seen the error of the ways? No, they haven’t.

Instead, the remake is being handled by Motive Studios, an EA division founded by famed creator Jade Raymond, who’s currently running a Sony studio. The game will essentially retreat the original Dead Space, which saw engineer Isaac Clarke roaming a blood-spattered space hulk, fighting off gruesome “necromorphs”. The twist was that, instead of shooting them in the head, you had to cut off their limbs into order to kill them.

Dead Space was highly acclaimed and went on to get an equally excellent sequel and a so-so third entry. However, Electronic Arts turned the third game into a microtransaction heavy action game and its failure to “meet expectations” contributed to the fall of Visceral. Two formal Visceral staffers are working on their own take on Dead Space, The Callisto Protocol, so EA’s remake could have some competition.

We’ve seen relatively little of the remake; we got a teaser trailer with a camera slowly roaming the USG Ishimurathe planet-cracking vessel where the original Dead Space took place, stopping behind protagonist Isaac.

And that’s it. EA have said the remake will be coming to Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, with no definite release window. We’ll let you know when we hear mode.

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