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Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars’ July Update is Available Right Now

Destruction AllStars has received a big July update which adds several useful tweaks and improvements to the game.

Destruction AllStars is a PS5 exclusive vehicular action game which, while it can be played offline, is very much focused on multiplayer. July’s patch isn’t a massive overhaul but it does offer the following:

  • New high quality skins and cosmetics
  • Online parties for solo game modes
  • A new Quickplay playlist
  • Buffs to AllStars and Hero Vehicles
  • Three new premium AllStar Pass tiers
  • Refreshed shop interface

Aside from issuing the update, Sony have also talked about some less fixable “issues” with the game. For example, the latest AllStars blog entry, which you can read here, also talks about “Ghost Hits”.

Yes, we’re thinking exactly what you’re thinking and we’re also having a hard job keeping a straight face. But a few players have complained about receiving a hit from another car despite the cars apparently not having been in contact. Sony have put this down to latency issues, eg the car hitting you before the game can catch up, but we can understand why it’s frustrating.

In a few weeks time, AllStars will also be getting to reworked mayhem maps with a smaller arena size. The patch should be available right now and if it hasn’t already downloaded in the background you should be prompted the next time you start Destruction AllStars. 

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