Doom Eternal Will Be Getting a Horde Mode

DOOM Eternal 5 (1)

Doom Eternal is getting a new Horde Mode! That’s the good news.

Oh, you were expecting bad news? Well, Horde Mode is replacing the cancelled Invasion Mode which we guess some people might be disappointed by that. And yes, invasions are fun in games like Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls. But we were never really looking forward to it. You know how irritating Marauders are in Doom Eternal? Imagine that with another player in the drivers’s seat.

Horde Mode, on the other hand, seems right up Doom Eternal’s street, throwing wave after wave of foes at you, pushing you even harder than the main game or its DLC; throw a time factor in there and you’re guaranteed to hook speedrunners. We’d love a Horde Mode variant where Eternal just throws enemy and enemy at you, not in waves but in one continuous stream or, at the least, after a brief timed pause.


So why was Invasion Mode canned? id Software’s statement partially blames the pandemic but it looks like they felt there was a lack of interest in it and more of an interest in single-player challenges which is why they moved onto this new mode.

There’s no date for Horde Mode as yet but fingers crossed we’ll get it in time for some Christmas slaughter, maybe alongside the return of Santa Slayer?