Fall Guys’ Season 5 Will Have a Jungle Theme

Fall Guys

Fall Guys Season 5 theme has been revealed, and it’s “Jungle Adventure”.

We say revealed, but it was fans who figured it out, after developers Mediatonic posted a puzzle on their Twitter. The company then confirmed the solution, shocked that the Twitterverse had figured it out so quickly.

Relatively little has been revealed about Season 5, aside from a pith-helmet heavy image posted on the official Fall Guys Twitter. The season will provide more of the knockout action that Fall Guys is famous for, and we expect some sort of crocodile related mayhem. That said, we’re not 100% keen on the name.

We’ve nothing against jungle levels on principle but it’s giving us flashbacks to the infamous Naked Jungle gameshow, and we really don’t want to have to deal with the mental image of Keith Chegwin’s wanger. Oh God, now we’re imagining it as some horrifying Fall Guys obstacle, smacking bean guys left and right. WHY CAN’T WE EVER FORGET?

Sorry. We’re fine now. Mediatonic are set to reveal more this July 19th, with a stream on the official Fall Guys YouTube page. We’ll do our best not to think about it until then.