Frostpunk’s DLC Gets a Console Release Date

Frostpunk’s downloadable content is finally coming to consoles!

Frostpunk is an excellent game in its own right (you can read our review here) but it was followed by three chunks of downloadable content that gave the icy survival sim a new lease of life. But the DLC in question, The Last Autumn, On the Edge and The Rifts never made it off the PC, until now.

All three chunks of Frostpunk DLC are being released for the game’s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One incarnations, available individually or through a season pass. Though, in the latter case, don’t expect a massive discount for buying all three at once.

Of the three pieces of downloadable content, The Last Autumn is the most interesting, set before the climate apocalypse that turned the planet into a massive snowball. On the Edge picks up after the end of the main game’s story mode and The Rifts adds a new map and the ability to construct chasm-spanning bridges.

Frostpunk’s downloadable content will be arriving this July 21st and will also be included in a “complete edition” with the original game.