2Minecraft Dungeons

Think of Minecraft Dungeons as My First Diablo. It has all the ingredients, only it’s much more colourful, less gory, and a lot simpler.

After creating your character, you’re free to play Minecraft Dungeons alone or in a group. Either way, you’ll make your way through numerous campaign missions, killing hordes of enemies, collecting loot and levelling up along the way. As you level up you earn enchantment points, which can be used to bestow your weapons and armour with a myriad of useful powers.

It may start out easy, but Minecraft Dungeons does get tricky as you crank up the difficulty. And you’ll want to play on harder difficulties eventually, as that’s how you get the best loot. Needless to say, if you’re after games like Diablo on Switch, Minecraft Dungeons should definitely be considered.

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