2Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Imagine a Zelda game that you have to colour in yourself, and you’re part way to imagining exactly what Chicory is. This top-down adventure sees you exploring a world not unlike that in A Link to the Past. Your character has just become the Wielder – a very important person who wields a magical paintbrush. With it, they can colour in the world around them, bringing joy to the people who live there.

Like Zelda games, you’ll need to solve puzzles along the way in order to get from A to B. Sometimes you’ll need to wait until you’ve got a new upgrade before you can explore a new region of the map, too. There’s no real combat here, which sets it apart from Zelda, but in terms of exploration and puzzle solving, this is one of the best games like Zelda on PS5. Plus, it’s just so darn cute.

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