Heist Simulator Invites You to Plan and Pull Off the Perfect Robbery

Heist Simulator

No More Robots has revealed Heist Simulator, an upcoming robbery game.

Heist Simulator will challenge you to plan and execute a robbery which, depending on how you go about it, could be a bloodbath or a flawless, stealthy operation. You’ll get to rob banks, casinos, mansions and other medium to high security locations. But that’s not the most interesting thing about the game.

That’s not to say Heist Simulator‘s robbery sections don’t look like fun; going by the game’s trailer, they definitely do. But what’s got is really intrigued is the way you can create your own robbery; a reverse Ocean’s 11 where you’re challenging people to figure out how to rob a location you’ve designed.

You’ll be able to share your creations – which if Mario Maker is anything to go by, could include some absolute nightmares. However, this also raises the question of how No More Robots will, if at all, police these. We’re not so much talking about casinos shaped like cocks as banks that are 100% impossible to rob.

Partly funded by Stadia, Heist Simulator is arriving on Steam and Google Stadia later this year, with console releases to follow afterwards. You can check out the trailer below (Electro Swing always gets our attention) and, thanks to Steam Playtest, you can mess around with the level creation tools right now.