How Long Does it Take to Beat Cris Tales?

Cris Tales

If you’re jumping into Colombian-developed JRPG Cris Tales you might be wondering how long it will take you to beat. Well, how long is it?

Being a love-letter to classic JRPGs, Cris Tales isn’t a short adventure by its very definition. With a gripping story to follow through, side quests to engage in and a varied world to explore, this isn’t a quick game. But exactly how long Cris Tales will take you to complete will ultimately depend on how much you engage with it.

On average, a playthrough of Cris Tales will take 20-25 hours. You might finish the game a little quicker if you skip out on its side quests – they are optional, after all. But we’d highly recommend you do engage with at least some of them; they open up new options and can change the outcomes of some of the cities you visit in the game.

Your time playing will also depend on how tricky you find the combat. You might find yourself having to redo boss fights a few times, adding extra time to your completion time. But we didn’t find any to be too taxing – nothing 30 minutes of grinding couldn’t sort out, anyway.

So, if you plan to jump into Cris Tales and want to engage with most of its side content, put aside around 25 hours to beat the game. But it’ll be 25 hours well spent; read our review here to find out more about the game.

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