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How Long Does it Take to Beat Samurai Warriors 5?

Samurai Warriors 5 2

After a long wait, Samurai Warriors 5 is finally here. It’s really good, too.

With a revamped visual style, new gameplay features and a more focused story presented from the viewpoints of both Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi, series fans are surely going to want to jump into Samurai Warriors 5 with both feet. But they might be wondering, how long does it take to beat it?

The answer is not simple, as it depends on what you consider beating Samurai Warriors 5 to mean. If you play the game on Easy difficulty and run through the game’s story mode doing only the required missions, it will perhaps only take about 20 hours. That’s not the best way to enjoy the game, however.

Musou mode, for example, is closely linked to the game’s new Citadel mode, with your activities in the latter opening up new upgrade and shop opportunities. There are also many optional missions to complete, and bonds to form between the game’s characters. Needless to say, those who delve into Citadel mode and optional missions are more likely to spend 40-50 hours with the game before finishing Musou mode.

It’s those who aim to see and do everything that Samurai Warriors 5 has to offer that will get the most out of it, however. Getting all its achievements/trophies, for example, is no easy task. So, if you call simply reaching the end of the game’s story mode “completing it” then you might only experience 20 or so hours of fun. Those hoping to “fully complete” it, however, might end up playing it for 100 hours or more.

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