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How to Beat the Grey Crow in Death’s Door

Death's Door 2 (1)

With much more experience than you under his belt, the Grey Crow is one of the toughest bosses you’ll encounter in Death’s Door.

Merely reaching the Grey Crow is an accomplishment in Death’s Door, but beating him is another matter. As soon as the fight starts, quickly get in close and get some hits in. Don’t be too greedy though, as you’ll soon find that whenever you hit the Grey Crow he releases some black projectiles that home in on you. Hit them away when they get close or, even better, hit them back at the Grey Crow for some damage.

Throughout this fight, the Grey Crow will disappear and then dive at you. Simply avoid his attacks until he stands still and lets out a scream. At that point, get in close and get some hits in. He’ll also frequently use a hook shot similar to yours to dash about the arena. Simply avoid his attacks using the chains on the floor for reference and wait for him to start diving at you again. If you want to risk it, you could fire a bomb or fireball at him when he’s first gearing up to dash though, dealing a bit of damage.

Once you’ve done a fair bit of damage to Grey Crow, he gets some new attacks. One of them is essentially a black hole which sucks you towards it – just keep moving away from it and you should be fine. He’ll also start to periodically release small crows in the fight that swarm you. Make sure to hit them when you can, otherwise they’ll gather around you, dramatically lowering your speed and making it hard for you to dodge Grey Crow’s attacks.

Finally, Grey Crow will also start running around sometimes after diving. Do your best to avoid him while waiting for him to start screaming, giving you a window for attack. Keep it up, and eventually he’ll be defeated. Well done!

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