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Cris Tales Time Empress

How to Beat the Time Empress in Cris Tales

As you may guess from very early on in Cris Tales, you eventually have to beat the Time Empress. But she’s a tough one – so you might need some help.

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re not yet fighting against the Time Empress for real, we’d recommend you scoot yourself off this page; spoilers will follow. But if you’re currently in the middle of battle and not sure what to do, read on.

You’ll ‘fight’ against the Time Empress a few times in Cris Tales, but to begin with you’ll be unable to do damage to her. That’s supposed to happen. The real fight with her happens in Crystallis. You can damage her, but she has a lot of HP and a tendency to use a healing spell. If you don’t respond in the correct way, she’ll heal practically all damage you’ve dealt to her, putting you right back at square one.

The Time Empress’ healing spell is called Perfect Cure. It heals a chunk of health straight away, but then continues to heal her each turn. In order to beat the Time Empress, every time she casts Perfect Cure, Crisbell needs to respond by casting Regression. This spell undoes the last move of the person it’s cast on; in this case, it undoes the Time Empress’ healing spell, allowing you to continue doing damage to her.

She’ll cast this at regular intervals of the battle, so ensure Crisbell has enough MP to continue casting Regression whenever she needs to. She’ll also need to use Rejuvenation – the spell that heals all party members – as the Time Empress has an attack that will leave everyone with 1HP.

Be sure to parry the incoming ‘Doom’ attacks; if a party member gets struck with it, they’ll die after a few turns.

As long as you keep on top of those particular attacks, battling the Time Empress should be no different from any other boss. She has no weaknesses or resistances, so all magic spells will do similarly low/moderate damage. Keep spamming her with your most powerful attacks, and she’ll soon go down.

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