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How to Beat the Volcano Sisters in Cris Tales

Cris Tales Volcano Sisters

The very first fight you find yourself in when playing Cris Tales is against Volcano and Galley – not-so-affectionately known as the Volcano Sisters. But that’s not the only time you’ll fight them.

The Volcano Sisters are a recurring theme in Cris Tales, and you’ll come up against them more than once. The main battle against them, however, is very tricky – in fact, we found it one of the hardest battles in the game. So you’ll need to be prepared. If you’re struggling, here are some tips on how to beat the Volcano Sisters in Cris Tales.

Sadly, there’s no quick and simple foolproof trick we can give you. Beating these sisters simply means being prepared. They damage your party hard, and attack very frequently. If you’re not ready, you will die – probably again and again. We found it useful to assign one party member purely as a healer, ensuring the two attackers are constantly having their HP topped up.

Equipping the ring that restores 5% of HP every turn to each of your party members may also prove to be useful. 5% doesn’t sound much, but it can often be the difference between life and death. Also ensure you have the best possible equipment for each of your party members. Don’t have anything that slows them down. Speed boosts are always good, because it ensures you can attack more often.

In the battle itself, hit with your heaviest attacks. Avoid using fire attacks. Water and electricity are your best bets here. Both twins will need to be dealt with separately. Concentrating on one first means they’ll be unable to do some of their joint attacks – but the remaining twin becomes ‘enraged’, meaning her standard attacks become more powerful.

If you’re struggling, it might be wise to grind a little. Wander around the area and engage in some random encounters; even an extra level or two might make all the difference you need.

That’s it – and good luck. Oh, and remember to save your progress before entering the fight!

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