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How to Beat the Witch of Urns in Death’s Door

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As you play through Death’s Door you’ll eventually come up against a bothersome witch, and some might have trouble defeating her.

The truth is, beating the Witch of Urns in Death’s Door is fairly easy when you know how. For the first stage of the fight, the Witch of Urns will teleport around and throw pots at you. Purple pots will simply break when hitting the floor, so are easily avoided. Green pots, on the other hand, will release green projectiles – hit them back at the witch if you can to do damage. After the witch has thrown some pots, dash in close to get some hits in before she teleports to a new spot.

After throwing pots for a while, the witch will eventually lay a big pot on the ground before climbing into it. Use this chance to get close and hit her many times, before backing off a bit. Once the witch is fully in the pot, she’ll spin around while releasing purple projectiles. Simply hit the projectiles away when they get close to you. You can even fire them back at the witch if you want. Eventually the witch will get back out of the big pot and start throwing pots at you again.

Once you’ve done a considerable amount of damage to the witch, she’ll also start firing pots out of her head. Remember, hit the green projectiles away when they get close, or aim them at the witch for some damage. She’ll also gain a new attack where she dashes across the platform, sometimes releasing purple projectiles at she shoes – avoid them or hit them away, as usual. Keep getting some hits in when she stops to throw pots at you and eventually she’ll go down. Don’t stop to celebrate for too long though – there are many more bosses to beat in Death’s Door yet.

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