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How to Defeat the Last Lord in Death’s Door

Are you ready for a multi-stage fight against the final boss of Death’s Door?

Who’d have thought it, eh? Facing off against your boss. That’s Death’s Door for you. The Last Lord is a pesky one to beat, too, thanks largely to the fact that you have to chase him  a fair bit until he finally has nowhere else to run to.

Your first encounter with the Last Lord in Death’s Door is fairly simple – just dodge his jumping attacks, getting in some hits of your own when you feel like it’s safe. Just never get greedy, or he’ll deliver a swift strike with his hand.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage to the Last Lord, he’ll open up a door to the Reaping Commission. Follow him. You’ll have to make your way through a short section of the Reaping Commission, avoiding bulls with doors around their heads. Keep an eye out for where they’re going to materialise ahead of you, and adjust your position accordingly. When you reach the end, the Last Lord will open up another door.

Follow the Last Lord through the door and you’ll have to fight him again. His pattern is largely the same as the last time, only now he also opens small doors that let pots be thrown into the arena. Again, avoid his jumps and get hits in when you can. You can also get plenty of hits in when he stops to click his fingers, opening up small doors for pots to come through. Just make sure you move before a pot hits you.

After taking enough damage the Last Lord will open up yet another door, taking you back to the Reaping commission again. Make your way through it like before, avoiding bulls with doors around their heads. You’ll need to use your hook shot at times to switch between platforms, so make sure it’s equipped. At the end of this section you’ll find another door to go through.

Finding yourself in a new location, you’ll have to fight the Last Lord again. This time, as well as jumping about, he’ll sometimes do a large jump that makes him glow pink. When he lands, he’ll cause a wave of energy to erupt in three directions, and he’ll jump a further two times after it causing more eruptions. They’re tricky to avoid, but do your best. After doing enough damage to him, he’ll open up another door. Got tired of doors yet?

Finding yourself back at the Reaping Commission once more, you’ll need to make your way through it yet again while avoiding bulls with doors around their heads. You’ll need the hook shot again as well, so make sure it’s equipped. The door at the end will take you to yet another fight against the Last Lord.

In this encounter against the Last Lord, he’ll jump about as usual, but also sometimes roll up into a ball and charge at you like Betty the Yeti. Avoid his attacks and hit him when you get the chance and he’ll run away through another door eventually. It’s worth pointing out that if you die at any point up to completing this battle, you’ll restart right at the very beginning of this entire section. Irritating, huh? Anyway, when you’ve won, go through the door.

The final fight against the Last Lord in Death’s Door takes place within the Reaping Commission. He’ll jump around as usual, but also retains Betty the Yeti’s skill of rolling into a ball and charging. He only rolls once though, so keep an eye out for it, avoid it, and then get close to hit him a few times when he lands. It’s perhaps your best time to attack.

Every once in a while he’ll rise up and move towards the back of the arena. When he does this, get ready, as it means he’s going to fire a beam at you. We found it best to get near him, then run in a large circle around the left hand side of the arena, avoiding his beam and the bulls with doors around their heads that get summoned in.

As the fight progresses, you’ll also find that he does the raised jump where he glows pink again, creating waves of energy when he lands. Either avoid them, or you can even dive through them if you’re brave. He also gains two new attacks. One is some kind of energy field, which is easily avoided if you keep your distance. The other is some kind of glyph he inflicts you with – keep mashing buttons to release its grip on you.

Honestly, this is a really tough fight. The toughest in Death’s Door by far. But if you keep avoiding the Last Lord’s attacks while attacking him just after he’s jumped or rolled at you, you should eventually win. Just never get greedy with your hits. It’s better to play things safe than take risks.

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