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How to Fast Travel in The Ascent

As much fun as it is blasting enemies as you move from one place to another in The Ascent, travelling on foot through the same areas again and again does eventually get tiresome.

For that reason you’ll be glad that The Ascent offers two methods of fast travel. Simply open up your map and look for a red icon – that’s where a train station is located. Simply go there, wait for a train to arrive, then hop on. You’ll be able to select your destination, reducing your leg work. Even better, it’s absolutely free.

After making a bit of progress in The Ascent‘s story, however, you also unlock the ability to summon a taxi. With the taxi unlocked, simply press left on the d-pad and a fast travel menu will appear, allowing you to go to any area of Veles that you’ve already visited. It comes at a cost, though; each taxi ride will cost you 1,000 credits. Just be aware that you aren’t able to use fast travel in certain areas, like when underground.

A final note; when using a train or a taxi, The Ascent doesn’t always do a good job of letting you know what’s the best area to travel to in pursuit of an objective. Make a habit of opening up your map and zooming out to see where the mission marker is located. You can then get a good idea of where to fast travel to.

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