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How to Find Ryoji’s Direct Line in Neo: The World Ends With You

Neo: The World Ends With You

One of the most involved riddles you’ll have to solve early on in Neo: The World Ends With You is finding Ryoji’s direct line. Here’s how to do it.

In the first week of Neo: The World Ends With You, you get wind that a character called Ryoji might be able to help you. But getting hold of him might not be easy. Rather than giving you his phone number directly, you’re given a series of clues which you’ll have to hunt down and solve.

Once you’ve found each clue, each one will then reveal a number. Putting the numbers together will finally give you Ryoji’s direct line. Here’s each clue, and what they each mean.

Look for a hole in the crossing

The word ‘crossing’ gives this one away quite easily: that’s got to be Scramble Crossing. Head to the area, and you’ll see a manhole cover/grate right in the centre of the crossing area. Interact with it, and you’ll see a sticker. You’ll then need to solve a spot-the-difference puzzle: you’re shown a picture of the are, and something isn’t quite right. It’s the statue; it should be Hachi the dog.

Look for a dog’s backside

To the west of Scramble Crossing, there’s an iconic statue of Hachi the dog. Interact with the statue, and you’ll have to answer a quick quiz. You’ll be asked “What’s not on the menu at Hachiko café?”. The cafe is at the east of Scramble Crossing. You can simply go and check the menu to find out for yourself, but the answer is Milky Tea.

Look for some sinful ramen

There’s a ramen shop on a corner in Center Street. Interact with it, and you’ll be given a puzzle to solve. The clue is “one of these things is not like the others”. You can see the puzzle below; the number 1 is the only one in a triangle, while all other shapes have a match. So that must be the one that’s different. Click the number 1.

Look for some backstreet refreshments

On Center Street, head down the small alley. Along one side you’ll find a row of vending machines. Interact with them. You’ll need 5,000 yen to buy the drink. Get fighting if you don’t have enough! Remember to check if you have any money pins to sell. Fear not – once you’ve bought the drink, you’ll get your 5,000 yen back.

Look for a yellow building’s entrance

In Tower Records Shibuya, run up the street to reach the Tower Records store. It’s yellow! Interact with the sticker outside. You’ll need to answer a question – what’s the name of the handyman you’re trying to reach? It’s of course Ryoji.

Look for a haven covered in green

Go to Tower Records Shibuya. You’ll see a big building called Modi – it’s covered in green. Go inside, where you’ll find a large pillar with a flowerbed at the bottom of it. Interact with the flowerbed, and you’ll find a sticker. It’ll ask you a question: if A=1, B=2, D=4, what is G? It’s a simple letter=number code, so the correct answer is 7.

What is Ryoji’s phone number?

Now you’ve found all the clues, you’ll need to head to a phone booth in Tower Records Shibuya to enter the numbers. But first you need to put them in the right order. That should be simple enough: simply arrange them from largest to smallest, with a # at the front. Here’s what it should be: #97532.

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