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How to Heal in The Ascent

As you make your way through the cyberpunk-inspired world of The Ascent, combat is inevitable.

Some enemies will charge at you with melee weapons, others will hang back and shoot at you with guns. Try as you might to avoid their attacks, you are going to get hit at some point. And as your health quickly depletes from one battle to the next in The Ascent, you’re going to be wondering how you heal.

The truth is, there are numerous ways to heal in The Ascent, but sometimes it’s awkward during combat. Health kits of various sizes can be bought via kiosks, as well as dropped by enemies upon death and looted from destructible crates, but you can’t pick them up and add them to your inventory. Small health packs are picked up automatically if you’re injured, while large health packs require you to press the X button to use them when you’re stood over them.

Some skills allow you to heal during combat, however. There’s one skill that records your current health at the time of use, then restores you to it after a set amount of time. So, you can use it when your health is full just before entering combat, then be safe in the knowledge that if you do take some damage it will be negated. Just make sure you don’t die, as the skill won’t bring you back to life. Other skills with healing effects also exist, such as one that marks enemies and restores your health a little when you kill them.

Finally, your health is restored automatically when you’re in a safe zone. Return to a safe area like Cluster 13, or get on a train, and you’ll notice healing icons swirling around your character. After just a few seconds, you’ll be fully healed.

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