How to Heal Yourself in Death’s Door

Death's Door 4 (1)

Combat plays a large role in Death’s Door, and it can be quite tricky at times. Needless to say, you might be wondering how you heal yourself.

Unfortunately, there are no healing spells to be learned in Death’s Door. There’s zero chance of enemies dropping healing items, either. And so how do you heal? By planting seeds in empty plant pots.

As you play through Death’s Door, you’ll find lots of seeds if you explore. If you encounter an empty plant pot on your journey and you have at least one seed in your possession, you’ll be prompted to plant one if you get close. After planting a seed a flower will grow, and by consuming it your health will be restored.


Once you’ve consumed a flower, it won’t regrow until you die or return to the Reaper Commission via a door, an act which also restores your health. Returning to the Reaper Commission also respawns enemies, however, so it’s often better to consume a flower if you can. But yes, it means that you can’t heal yourself during combat, which makes the game quite challenging at times.

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