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How to Increase Your Style in Neo: The World Ends With You

Neo: The World Ends With You

Wondering how to increase your style stat in Neo: The World Ends With You? Here’s what you need to know.

Each of your party members have a variety of stats assigned to them, most of which will aid them in combat. There’s HP, ATK, DEF, and STYLE. HP (health), ATK (attack power) and DEF (defence) are all, obviously, combat related, and the higher those numbers are, the more formidable your characters will be when facing against noise. But what about style? What does it do, and how do you raise it?

Well, style is to do with clothing that you can equip to each of your characters in Neo: The World Ends With You. Every item of clothing you can purchase has a minimum style requirement. If your character doesn’t meet that requirement, they can still wear the item – but they’ll miss out on any additional bonus it may give. And items with high style requirements will have very useful bonuses.

So how do you increase your style stat in Neo: The World Ends With You? The same way you increase any other stat: by eating food. Not every food gives you a style boost, and most of what does will only be a nominal increase of 1 or 2. Visit restaurants, and become familiar with their food and stat boosts. We’ve found that desserts often give better style boosts than other food.

So if you want to increase your style, just keep eating. Thankfully, these guys’ waistlines don’t seem to change, so you don’t need to worry about feeding them too many cakes and puddings!

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